I had my one month LASEK followup today. I still have some combination of triple vision and frosted glass when I’m looking at computer monitor distance. I dont see crisp edges. But It’s 20/40 vision, compared to my original 20/500.

My drawing of the blurriness / double-vision in each eye

So, the fellow wants me to come in again—next week—when the surgeon is back from vacation. I think they want to talk about a correction surgery. Which is normal. Like, ~10% of people who started out with my vision have to be corrected. And my –6.25 in both eyes had put me on the edge of what’s possible.

But I’m really scared that I’ve permanently ruined my eyes.

I can totally function without any external correction. I can navigate my way around the city. I can work. It’s great.

I went to a soccer match at Yankee stadium, enjoyed it fully, but couldn’t see which player was which. Neither their jerseys nor their faces were distinguishable.