Good news: My vision continues to improve. Each eye reads at 20/25. With both eyes, I have 20/20 vision. Since my last check-up one month ago, I feel like my astigmatism has markedly improved. Let’s say by 40% or so. So what changed? One month ago, the LASEK surgeon decided that I should double down on increasing tear production.

Your eyes’ tears have two layers. An aqueous layer and an oily layer designed to prevent the aqueous layer from evaporating too quickly. They work together to lubricate your eyes. Sometimes the aqueous layer drains out your tear ducts too fast, leaving you with dry eyes. But in my case, the oily layer is too solid, causing the tear film to become all gummed up and the tears to evaporate too quickly.

So, I’m using a hot compress to massage my closed eye lids. This helps melt the oily layer that is clogging up my tear glands. I’m also using baby shampoo to help keep them clear.

I’ve also been prescribed an antibiotic commonly used to treat acne, but I’m using it purely for the side effect of loosening the oily tear glands. It also has other side effects of increasing my likelihood to burn in the sun and increasing my already-heightened light sensitivity.

I’m still putting in moisturizing drops every few hours, even though my eyes do not feel dry. I am also still putting in the weird rods before going to bed.

Throughout all this, I’m really enjoying being free of glasses. I can go for a run in the morning without having to put in contacts or have my glasses bounce around on my face. I can go swimming and not be completely lost when I’m getting out. For years I have preferred how I look without glasses and now I always look that way. It’s just really nice. It’s what my life should have been like if my eyes had been healthy. I still can’t believe it.