Major mods

These are game-changing and I can’t live without them. Read the README, for sure, because they contain a lot.

Traffic Manager: President Edition (V11 Stable)

This is huge. C:S was originally a traffic sim. You can configure lane changes, remove traffic lights, establish priority or speed limits, or even more manual stuff like timing adjacent lights. Super useful when trying to solve traffic problems.

Screenshot of "Traffic Manager: President Edition",
showing options to
toggle traffic lights,
set manual traffic lights,
choose lane arrows,
set lane connectors,
toggle spawning and de-spawning of cars,
clear traffic entirely,
set priority signs at intersections,
set up timed traffic lights,
choose junction settings,
set speed limits,
set vehicle restrictions,
and restrict parking.

Fine Road Anarchy 2

When building roads, toggle off limitations like slope, height, collisions. Prevent a segment from bending. Get closer to other roads without snapping, turn off any collisions.

Screenshot of the "Fine Road Anarchy 2" mod,
where an exit lane is being built remarkably close to the highway

Works well with…

Fine Road Tool 2

When building roads, have much more granular elevation steps, build sunken roads and terraformed ramps, force an elevated road instead of a bridge, build curved bridges, build above ground tunnels, and more.

The two Fine Road tools will integrate together.

Screenshot of the "Fine Road Tool 2" mod,
where an elevated road is being built with fine control

Ploppable RICO

Sometimes you want a specific building in a specific spot. This gives you the power to not just paint with zones, but also to plop any specific residential, industrial, commercial, or office building.

Screenshot of "Cities: Skylines" with a dense and tall downtown with the caption,
"Plop dense business districts and large scale housing developments.

Works really well with custom assets!


I won’t offer many of these, because 1) there are SO MANY available, and 2) you should find what fits in your city’s look and feel.

Ultimate Skyscraper Collection

Cities look better with big big buildings. This links to a Mod Collection that contains 40 other real-life and fictional skyscrapers.

Minor Mods

These have lower learning curves. They don’t need a big README.

Roundabout Builder

Convert any intersection into a roundabout. Not the most robust of mods, but still handy.

Screenshot of the "Roundabout Builder" mod
that shows a circular roundabout with two-lane highways being easily designed

Network Extensions 2

Adds more road types: roads with turning lanes, bus lanes, asymmetrical (like 2+1 lanes).


Just move anything. Buildings, trees, roads, pesky support pillars for overpasses. Get them where you want them rather than them snapping to a grid.

Automatic Bulldoze

Whenever you have an abandoned building, it drags down the property value of the surrounding buildings, which makes them more likely to become abandoned too. You can go through and manually bulldoze an abandoned building when you notice them, but this extension just automatically bulldozes them for you.

Extra Landscaping Tools

Tired of placing trees one at a time? This gives you a tree paintbrush so you can easily in-fill your freeway overpasses, as well as an improved terraforming and water tool. hen you notice them, but this extension just automatically bulldozes them for you.

Screenshot of the "Extra Landscaping Tools" mod
with a paintbrush icon covering a hundred trees on the ground


  • 2020-04-01: Swapping out the old TM:PE for TM:PE v11. Make sure you follow the uninstallation instructions before upgrading.